The Audiovisual Index (AVI) Format contains information on audiovisual productions. This format is designed to facilitate the posting of audiovisual productions into the CIS-Net AVI database, an online index of audiovisual production titles for which cue sheets are available from posting societies. The CIS-Net AVI help a Society locate a source for cue sheet documentation for films and/or television series episodes and facilitate the requesting of authoritative cue sheet documentation from which accurate distributions can be rendered.

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The Audiovisual Translated Titles (AVTT) Format contains information on audiovisual titles (alternate and/or local language titles) and identifiers. This format allows publishers and societies to contribute titles and identifiers to the CIS-Net AVI database to help the performance identifications of audiovisual productions that have been re-titled or translated for local usage. The CIS-Net AVI provides the ability to link the provided alternate and/or local language titles to the original titles previously posted by the AVI contributing society.

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The Audiovisual Work (AVR) Format had been developed to facilitate the exchange of audiovisual cue sheet data between societies. In addition to the cue sheet information, the format includes the method for the requesting and supplying of audiovisual cue sheet documentation between parties. Its goal is to eliminate the need for paper requests and paper cue sheets. The Audiovisual Work format can be used in conjunction with the CIS-Net AVI to automate and speedup the exchange of cue sheets information between societies.

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The purpose of the Common Agreements Format (CAF) format is to provide publishers, societies and others with a standard format for the communication of data relating to agreements and specifically publisher and writer collection shares and the works subject to the agreements. CAF is a data format which conveys the flow of rights between one party & another and includes term, territory, right type & usage.

This document lists the CISAC members and their respective codes which are used for exchanges in standard CISAC formats.

You can download the list in xls format here.

The Common Royalty Distribution (CRD) Format is an electronic data interchange format to report details of distributed royalties from society to society or from society to members. CRD is intended to become the single standard for reporting royalties’ distribution information between parties. The format layout is designed to minimize clutter and unnecessary repetition of data while incorporating additional information about usage. This layout delivers greater transparency and makes the reporting more complete and more efficient across territories.

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Common Works Registration (CWR) is a standard format for the registration of musical works. CWR provides for all of the data elements necessary for a Publisher to register a work at a Performance or Mechanical Rights Society. It also provides a means of tracking registration status and facilitates communication between publishers and societies. By utilizing a common standard for the work registration process, both publishers and societies benefit from a more efficient registration system. The common format results in a more accurate flow of song data between publishers and societies and in return results in cost and time savings while increasing the accuracy of royalty payments.

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The Unidentified Performances Shares (UDS) Format facilitates the exchange of enquiries between societies for usage of musical works for which the society possesses incomplete documentation to distribute all royalties. Societies endeavor to identify and match usages and interested parties of musical works using their proprietary database, its Members, CIS-Net, etc, however, within the distribution process there are potential circumstances where the distributing society is left with a number of un-distributable shares (shareholder on the work linked to the performance is unknown or partially identified). Society that respond to the enquiry can provide the missing information using the CWR format.

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The Unidentified Performances (UP) Format facilitates the exchange of enquiries between societies for usage of musical works and audiovisual works for which the society does not possess enough documentation to identify the performance and distribute royalties. Society that respond to the enquiry can provide the missing documentation using the AVR format for audiovisual works (cue sheets) or CWR format for musical works.  

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Works Information Database (WID) Format is a standard permitting society to post musical works information to the Work Information Database (WID) and/or the International Work Database (INTL-REP).  Works information posted to the WID and the International databases is accessible online via CIS-Net MWI (Musical Work Information).  Societies hosting their local musical works database on CIS-Net MWI uses the WID format in conjunction with the CIS-Net WID Data loader to update their local database on CIS-Net.